Join us on the farm and get your knees dirty!

Erin with Turnips Amy in the garden

There are boundless learning opportunities on the farm
and many ways you can be an active member
of our nonprofit network.

We welcome you to become an intern or volunteer, whatever your depth of interest or schedule allows.

Please consider a donation
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If you want to get a taste of what it's like to work on a small sustainable farm, this is the program for you. Our internships are for those who want to participate in the day-to-day rewards and challenges of working for the nonprofit or on the farm with one of our current projects.

Interns make a commitment to work a minimum of two shifts per week, Monday-Friday, 8-10 hrs per week, in return for training in small-scale agriculture and natural history.


We love our volunteers and there is plenty to do.
No experience is necessary, but we do require an orientation that includes
getting to know the farm, its residents, and rules and regulations for safety and cooperation.
We ask that volunteers commit to a three hour shift (Monday-Saturday) and go home with seasonal bounty from the gardens.


Market gardens
Market gardens

This intern position is ideal for those who have some know-how but want to learn more and need firsthand experience on the farm or who need to complete an independent project for school (Horticulture, Environmental Education, Sustainable Ag or related degree).

Interns "take ownership" of gardens to grow and sell seasonal food to the local market. Along with caring for all aspects of the gardens, on-farm training includes record keeping, daily operation, management, post-harvest handling and selling. Interns must be capable and competent to work independently, problem solve and guarantee time commitment.

This is a significant opportunity to learn how to operate and manage a small-scale and sustainable market garden.

Must have knowledge of organic agriculture and all the following:

  •    1. Highly motivated with ability to make decisions;
  •    2. Easy going and resilient (able to accept challenges and set backs);
  •    3. Responsible, open minded and friendly;
  •    4. Committed to project and time frame. ;

Intern works directly with and under the supervision of the farm owner which includes:
  •    1. Regular discussion of short term and long term tasks and objectives.
  •    2. Gain knowledge of and apply different production methods and techniques.
  •    3. On-farm development of job skills (farm and leadership skills);
  •    4. Opportunity to execute creative ideas and special projects.
  •    5. Problem solve and produce results.

Major responsibilities:
  •    1. Intern will design and implement crop rotation;
  •    2. Maintain weekly records and inventory of seasonal activity;
  •    3. Manage the operation and care of the garden;
  •    4. Market and sell produce (open ended);
  •    5. Coordinate volunteers and newer interns.


Pollinator and Natural Gardens
Pollinator and Natural Gardens

These gardens are new this year and in the design stage so interns interested in the booming market of cut flowers would get valuable experience from the ground up working in all phases of production.

This is a great opportunity for interns who want to design and create a garden that incorporates flowering shrubs, annuals and perennials in addition to natural landscapes and native plants.

Creating these gardens include:
  •    1. Small garden areas--raised beds, teepees, other designs;
  •    2. Perennials and annual gardens--both flowers and vegetables;
  •    3. Pollinator garden;
  •    4. The "sensual garden" -- plants that focus our five senses;
  •    5. Native plants;
  •    6. Artistic expression and an "eye" for design.


Nonprofit (non-farm work)
Nonprofit (non-farm work)

Don't want to get your knees dirty but still want to get involved? If you have talents and skills to contribute, we have opportunities for you, too. Our nonprofit is always in need of those who have knowledge or interest in the following: marketing, promotion, event planning, grant writing, working tables at events and festivals; computer savvy and graphic design experience, the list goes on. Please contact us for further details.



More information to follow soon...


We also welcome:

UNIVERSITY STUDENTS to satisfy degree requirements.
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS who need community service learning hours.
SCOUTS to consider the farm for awards and badges.
SENIORS and RETIREES to share your stories, knowledge and expertise!
RETIRED TEACHERS to create and direct activities. HOME SCHOOLS for lessons in natural history, agriculture and science.


What to bring to work on the farm:
  • 1. Work gloves and hat
  • 2. Water and snack
  • 3. Work shoes (no open-toed shoes allowed!)
  • 4. Cutting tool (clippers or sheers)
  • 5. Pocket knife
  • 6. Sense of humor
  • 7. Punctuality-Please be on time!

No children or pets!
Please leave cell phones in your cars.
We ask that for three hours you focus on the tasks at hand here on the farm.

*Those working directly on the farm need proof of tetanus vaccine (within ten years)*


To join us as an intern or volunteer for these projects, please send us an email with Application in Subject line to

Thanks and Welcome!